Another sunday

12 Apr

I woke up at 7:30. “Is it too early for weekend morning?” I wondered. Closing my eyes again, I scrolled back into my blanket. Half an hour later, after going to the bathroom, I went to the kitchen and got some milk for myself. I miss my mom. When I was at home, she always prepared breakfast for me and forced me to drink more than a cup of milk. I do miss every single smell of different kinds of noodle which my mom cooks for my family for breakfast. After I finished my meal, she helped me to tight my cravat and wished me a lucky day before I went to school. Now I do all lonely.

I tried to finish my homework. I had started it from yesterday but somehow I let my mind hang on the tree of my neighbor so those stupid papers were still totally white. I do miss s.o. I do remember when I looked at his eyes and saw it smiling. That moment took my breath away. I was waiting sth turn from white into green, then say hi and ask s.o “how was yr last night”

“What am I doin’ ?”

“Do u know I’m missing u? No u don’t.”

“So why do I keep messing myself with those stuffs?”

“Nah~ come back to do your homework now Nancy”

“Where did I stop ??? Start again ?”

“Oh gosh. Ridiculous !!!”

Finally i’ve done everything before dinner. phewwww 🙂

p/s: Do u have a license cuz u r driving me nut ♥

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