23 Jun

day 129

something I thought it happened yesterday, but no it’s not. It was couple weeks ago, a month ago, or maybe more.

– the moment when I realized you wrote down my name on the group project list without asking who I am.

– the day I started talking to you, screamed inside when you were telling me your phone number.

– when I found the very first gift u put secretly in my pocket.

– the day I realized that I kept looking at the door of the class room, but not to run outside as fast as I can when the class is done as usual, to wait for u to come in class

– of course when u said u like me a lot. hehe

– the first and the only time (I hope) u were really mad at me. and the day after is even more special because that was my birthday tho. haha because it was one of the happiest birthdays I’ve ever had, with you and your family

– few weeks later, I opened Adrian’s car door and saw u looked like a death body cause u drank way tooo much. U r the one ruined my plan for ur birthday !! I’ll forgive u cause all of sweet things u did to me before.

– the last iiiis… I’m not going to write down all tho. too much.

Love u baby boi ♥

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Posted by on 23.06.11 in Memories


One response to “#42

  1. Tina

    25.06.11 at 21:42

    so sweettttt 😡


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