28 Jul

when a guy chooses to move on, there’s nothing can hold him back, no matter how cute/smart/sweet/kind you are, how much you love him, how matched you and him were when you guys were together, wat you did to him, blah blah blah… the only way u can do, hope that you can see him again, is moving on too, it hurts but time will help you. try your best and let see wat life will bring, then you wont regret later how silly you are just because of a guy. even if you dont see him again, u did good job to make yourself better. dont keep “things” in ur mind, u need place to remember something else, KEEP IT IN UR HEART AND IT WILL LIVE WITH YOU FOREVER.

miss you anw !!!

“when we have enough, we will greed for more. lay things down and be free”. thanks Tee

it has been a month since I’ve moved to TX. think positive: I can be “hot” without trying haha.

enjoy the rest of my summer =D

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