Happy 19th Birthday to you: Tee, Tea, Thy, Mai, Thảo, Dế, and sooo on !!

14 Oct

Dear my favorite girl,

How was your last year?

Eh are you tired of reading my posts for you every single year? Yes it’s not gonna be long cuz I’m tired of writing for you too haha. BIG JK, OKAY?

This is year number 9 and seriously I’m out of birthday wishes for you. Now let me be honest: please text me your new address so I can send you a very lovely birthday card ever 😀

Wish I could be there with you so we can make spring roll and BBQ again.

This weekend is your birthday so can you just close the book and give yourself a little rest? Yea you are mumbling “watever, I need to study Pol. Sci.” No excuse!!

Enough for those nonsense speaking.

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [YOU]. Make the last of your teenage year a blast!!

and hope you read through everything without running like a ninja to find charger for your iPod or iPhone or whatever like last year haha.

It’s Showtime ~ in commercial accent

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I love you, Best Friend Forever  ♥

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