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2 of my wishes:

1. sneak in your bed, lay down on your pillow, wrap myself in your blanket – they all smell exactly u haha – and sleep straight to the morning.

2. morning never comes.

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To-do List

  • sing.
  • smile at strangers.
  • keep learning.
  • notice kindness.
  • eat ice cream.
  • hope.
  • count your blessing.
  • laugh.
  • love.
  • love some more.

“following this list, to calm myself and stay strong” :)


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day 134 _ morning

ur just gone an hour ago. I dont know wat to do but crying out loud in the middle of SEATAC airport like an 8 years old kid. A black women standing behind me in line when I was waiting to check in gave me the whole pack of napkin so I can dry all my tears, soooo embarrassed ha.

and again, there is only u can make me laugh even when tears are all over my face. Good job Mr.Wow !!

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“i know we won’t last forever, but i wanna be with you as much as i can honie bear.”


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day 84

be back to normal with happy thought

time to do sth. need to do sth.

time to prepare.

time to keep my mind up.

theres no way to turn back, but there many ways ahead are are waiting for you to choose.

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Once when I find something worth to live for, I’ll go for it no matter what will happen.

I don’t care if myself get hurt later on cuz I know the great memories I’ve made will recover anything else.

Tomorrow, I’ll regret about something I didn’t do than something I did. so I try to do everything my best, including loving you.

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yesterday I found 2 movie tickets in the pocket of my old jacket, and I regret that I didn’t keep tickets of all movies that we watched together..

I don’t even think that you would keep it all, and today you give me all ♥

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