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Happy 19th Birthday to you: Tee, Tea, Thy, Mai, Thảo, Dế, and sooo on !!

Dear my favorite girl,

How was your last year?

Eh are you tired of reading my posts for you every single year? Yes it’s not gonna be long cuz I’m tired of writing for you too haha. BIG JK, OKAY?

This is year number 9 and seriously I’m out of birthday wishes for you. Now let me be honest: please text me your new address so I can send you a very lovely birthday card ever 😀

Wish I could be there with you so we can make spring roll and BBQ again.

This weekend is your birthday so can you just close the book and give yourself a little rest? Yea you are mumbling “watever, I need to study Pol. Sci.” No excuse!!

Enough for those nonsense speaking.

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [YOU]. Make the last of your teenage year a blast!!

and hope you read through everything without running like a ninja to find charger for your iPod or iPhone or whatever like last year haha.

It’s Showtime ~ in commercial accent

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I love you, Best Friend Forever  ♥

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day 134 _ night

so we were far from each other hmm 14 hours. Its just like nothing compare to when you have to work all week if there were some big events they have at the casino, right? Just because I always listen to wat u told me before : looking forward. I am looking forward and I don’t know when will the next time you come and pick me up as usual? I am joking. I know thats not wat you mean.

I just realize that u found my blog, the place I can write down watever I feel and I want. You can see almost every last posts I wrote is for you. We went through 134 days together, and I’m pretty sure that is one of the happiest times in my life I’ve ever had. I’ve learned sooo many new things, how to be safe (like “dont talk to stranger”), better English (sssssssssssslice), how to stay cool (I’m trying tho), how to take a car apart, … hahaha. I’ve learned more about myself, be nicer to people around me, find out wat I need to do for my future, how to have more fun by myself, and how to love you.

I didn’t have a chance to say “I love you” when we were at the airport. I’m afraid. You know that I can cry ever before I start talking. I’m afraid that I will cry more and more if I say it out loud. And I’m afraid that you wouldn’t say “I love you too” back to me.

I spent hours and hours on the airplane remembering about wat happened between us since the day I started talking to you, the first night I slept with you, I woke up and had a chance to look at you very very close and I talked to myself “man! close ur eyes or u will fall for this guy immediately”. I couldn’t close my eyes. Or when we were at Golden Garden, I looked deeply in ur eyes and my mind start sinking, sinking in it. Or, when you were drunk and say “Dang! this girl is amazing”.. A lot of moments I can never forget and when I sit down and remember, its just like watching an HD movie. Amazingly it did make me laugh, sometimes out loud, because how silly and how great I (and you too) could be.

And I just started leaking when I remember I was laying on your chest, and it was shaking, just a lil bit, lightly. I did feel that, and I tried not to look at ur face cause I know you dont want me to either.

I cannot describe how important you are to me. You can say your not worth to cry for but my feelings for u and every single things u did to me really are.

I will never forget what we have shared together. Those moments. Those memories. Those bittersweetness.

I will never forget your hugs and kisses.

I will never forget your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your everything.

This might be the last post for our relationship, but not the last one have you in it. the next post should be about a first time when I’m in Texas and saying goodbye to everyone. It’s late but better do it than leaving without saying nothing to anyone else right?

I want to say a lot more to you here but when I start typing, it’s just gone. Maybe it runs from my brain to my heart and hides there. It’s also because you know me well so I don’t need to 🙂

In your days ahead, please lead to a happy life, dear ! I’ll try to do the same. Remember I’d like to look at you when you are with your family. Because that’s the real you.

Good luck

I love you my baby boiii

p/s: Hope that some day, I can type “…day 135”

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day 134 _ morning

ur just gone an hour ago. I dont know wat to do but crying out loud in the middle of SEATAC airport like an 8 years old kid. A black women standing behind me in line when I was waiting to check in gave me the whole pack of napkin so I can dry all my tears, soooo embarrassed ha.

and again, there is only u can make me laugh even when tears are all over my face. Good job Mr.Wow !!

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day 129

something I thought it happened yesterday, but no it’s not. It was couple weeks ago, a month ago, or maybe more.

– the moment when I realized you wrote down my name on the group project list without asking who I am.

– the day I started talking to you, screamed inside when you were telling me your phone number.

– when I found the very first gift u put secretly in my pocket.

– the day I realized that I kept looking at the door of the class room, but not to run outside as fast as I can when the class is done as usual, to wait for u to come in class

– of course when u said u like me a lot. hehe

– the first and the only time (I hope) u were really mad at me. and the day after is even more special because that was my birthday tho. haha because it was one of the happiest birthdays I’ve ever had, with you and your family

– few weeks later, I opened Adrian’s car door and saw u looked like a death body cause u drank way tooo much. U r the one ruined my plan for ur birthday !! I’ll forgive u cause all of sweet things u did to me before.

– the last iiiis… I’m not going to write down all tho. too much.

Love u baby boi ♥

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day 126

7 more days I can wake up and think that I am still near you.


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“i know we won’t last forever, but i wanna be with you as much as i can honie bear.”


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day 84

be back to normal with happy thought

time to do sth. need to do sth.

time to prepare.

time to keep my mind up.

theres no way to turn back, but there many ways ahead are are waiting for you to choose.

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