The LEAST you should know about ME

click here to listen to Những nụ hôn rực rỡ_4u

i was born in April 19, 1992, Hochiminh City.

from 1997 to 2002: Ket Doan primary school

from 2002 to 2007: Nguyen Du secondary school

from 2007 to 2009: Le Thi Hong Gam high school, 10th and 11th grade

2009 to now: study aboard in the U.S

can play some sports, musical instruments

know how to draw

have a good imitative skill

personalities: out going, optimistic, sensitive, ambitious, quiet [sometimes], easy to get mad [sometimes].

.I definitely cannot be perfect, and I don’t want to. But I do try to be better day after day

.plan B? I don’t have plan B cause I will make my plan A come true anyway

.and always smile, cause i know how lovely my smile is :”>



7 responses to “The LEAST you should know about ME

  1. trungduc

    29.11.10 at 16:19

    vậy đây là một blog tiếng anh hay tiếng việt vậy ^^.
    xem ra bạn rất thích thơ ^^

    • Ed ♥ coffee

      29.11.10 at 18:11

      vừa tiếng anh vừa tiếng việt bạn ạh. còn tuỳ mình muốn viết cái gì, thích viết cái gì và copy cái gì đem về nữa 🙂

  2. nga

    13.02.11 at 04:32

    ban lang mang nhu 1 na`ng tho…..i like it!

  3. nga

    13.02.11 at 04:33

    ban nay lang mang qua….i like it

    • Ed ♥ coffee

      14.02.11 at 00:58

      hì hì . thanks vì đã ghé xem blog mình 🙂

  4. Julia nguyen

    27.03.11 at 00:30

    Rat la de thuong va dung la mot nang tho ….:-D


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