The more I grow up, the more people I meet, the more I realize that how much my parents love me

I have a friend, he’s 21. His girlfriend gave birth their children couple weeks ago. Yes they are young, very very young to to have a child at this time I think. But they have work, they both go to school and they will get married soon, so don’t judge them okay people.

I know him a week before his little boy was born. And all I see when I meet him is his excitement for the day that he can hold the baby in his hand. No matter how hard the day goes, all he cares about is just his girlfriend, his baby and the family. Finally the child was born, his facebook is totally a book full of his feelings and pictures about Aidan, name of his little price. He told me, for the first week, his gf was so tired after giving birth so he was the one wakes up 3 4 times a night to take care for the baby, make him stop crying and hold him all night long. He still trynna keep in track with school even he’s in class only 1 day a week haha. Every single time I ask him about the kid, he always starts with “My boy? He’s awesome!” then stories after stories go along with glittering eyes and the smile that can’t be any bigger. Now that little boy is 2 months already and he’s just adorable

I can tell Aidans gonna be a good story teller…with all the hand movements and facial expressions…its like i can understand him even tho his words make no sense at all…Hes gonna be a comedian…NO DOUBT

I have another friend, her mom has 4 children: her sister, my friend, and 2 more boys (14 and 15 I remeber). I dont wanna mention about her sister. My friend is a very fine girl in every ways, just to let you guys know that haha. But 2 of her younger brothers, one has mental problem, the other one is totally mental retarded. She told me a lot of people asked her mom why she keep keeping them with her for 15 years, they dont even know a thing, just put them in hospital, it’s better for her mom and the 2 boys also. Her mom answered

“Nope. They are my kids, no matter how they are, what they do, I will be with them until the day I can’t”

I still have tons of stories crossing in my mind now but I think these 2 are the simplest pictures to describe how important you are to your parents I hope.I may say, kids are the whole world to parents, since the day you were born, you dont even know about your existence, then you grow up, smart or not, healthy or not, beautiful or not, succeed or not,… You are their life. Of course things happen, good or bad, but remember they love you with all they have.

Think back at the time, since the day my mom had me in her tummy, the day I was born, first day I go to school, day I graduate middle school and then attended high school, the day I left home to study abroad in America. Every single moment in my life until now, I always have my Mom and Dad by my side, physically or mentally. Their love teaches me how to love them more and more.

Yes My Parent Are Awesome!

(Pheww, time to sleep now)

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Happy 19th Birthday to you: Tee, Tea, Thy, Mai, Thảo, Dế, and sooo on !!

Dear my favorite girl,

How was your last year?

Eh are you tired of reading my posts for you every single year? Yes it’s not gonna be long cuz I’m tired of writing for you too haha. BIG JK, OKAY?

This is year number 9 and seriously I’m out of birthday wishes for you. Now let me be honest: please text me your new address so I can send you a very lovely birthday card ever 😀

Wish I could be there with you so we can make spring roll and BBQ again.

This weekend is your birthday so can you just close the book and give yourself a little rest? Yea you are mumbling “watever, I need to study Pol. Sci.” No excuse!!

Enough for those nonsense speaking.

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [YOU]. Make the last of your teenage year a blast!!

and hope you read through everything without running like a ninja to find charger for your iPod or iPhone or whatever like last year haha.

It’s Showtime ~ in commercial accent

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I love you, Best Friend Forever  ♥

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New page :)

School started 2 weeks ago so I can keep myself busy busy all the time. Texas heat is getting bored of teasing a girl from Washington. My new friends are nice to me, I mean really nice.

hmm wat else I could ask for?

So it is not too hard to start a new life, just slowly, but I did. For me, I dont feel like I want to do anything until I know myself is really ready to do it. Wat if I wait until it’s late? Dont worry, I’m too fast to be late. Wink 😉 !!

questions ?

oh yea he’s still there 🙂

People change, feelings change. it doesnt mean that love once shared wasn’t true and real.

enjoy the video!!

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I feel great when I can go back school after almost 2 months staying home and doing nothing, it was not fun at all. taking a summer break when I was in the middle of nowhere in my life journey is a really bad decision I’ve made.

I miss u like hell


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I always wonder that what if we met each other earlier, and what if I never meet you, which one is better than the way things happen right now? I’ve been asking myself all day long, since I wake up til when I go to bed, what are you doing, do you miss me like I miss you, do you eat any green today, are you tired, do you still hug the pillow pet I gave you when you go to sleep…

all of those things is just nothing, cause it is us choose to move on. and if I don’t, thats my fault. that is me hurting myself.

well, good things take time.

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2 of my wishes:

1. sneak in your bed, lay down on your pillow, wrap myself in your blanket – they all smell exactly u haha – and sleep straight to the morning.

2. morning never comes.

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when a guy chooses to move on, there’s nothing can hold him back, no matter how cute/smart/sweet/kind you are, how much you love him, how matched you and him were when you guys were together, wat you did to him, blah blah blah… the only way u can do, hope that you can see him again, is moving on too, it hurts but time will help you. try your best and let see wat life will bring, then you wont regret later how silly you are just because of a guy. even if you dont see him again, u did good job to make yourself better. dont keep “things” in ur mind, u need place to remember something else, KEEP IT IN UR HEART AND IT WILL LIVE WITH YOU FOREVER.

miss you anw !!!

“when we have enough, we will greed for more. lay things down and be free”. thanks Tee

it has been a month since I’ve moved to TX. think positive: I can be “hot” without trying haha.

enjoy the rest of my summer =D

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